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If you are reading this then you are engaged and planning your wedding, so congratulations to you both. So, what is a Celebrant and what can they do for you to help make your wedding day the day of your dreams.

A Celebrant is …

A Celebrant is someone who will write your ceremony for you based on your love and life story. Everyone´s story is different, how you came to meet and fall in love with your life partner is different, and so your wedding ceremony should reflect that, and celebrate the story of your love culminating with your wedding ceremony.

A Celebrant is a professional who is trained to write your story, trained in public speaking, to hold a space, to lead and guide you, your family and friends through your wedding ceremony.

A Celebrant is confident and your confidant!

A Professional Celebrant will have spent a substantial amount of money on training and will always be learning, always working on and developing their skills. Your Celebrant will be a confident storyteller, be able to speak in front of large groups, holding the attention of everyone, they will be the master and conductor of your ceremony. They will also be your confidant in that everything is confidential, you have the final say on what is written and not even mum or grandma will be able to glean any little nuggets of the gold that is to be your wedding ceremony.


The wedding ceremony is a ritual, making vows and the exchange of rings, are all part of ritual in a wedding ceremony. However, you may want to incorporate a ritual where you can involve members of your family, the mums, or your best friends. There are many beautiful ways you can personalise your ceremony using handwritten rituals. Your Celebrant will write one for you. It´s adding these little extra rituals that will make your day unique to you! Here are some favourites.


A favourite ritual which is a beautiful way to personalise your wedding ceremony. In this ritual the couple each have a candle which they use to light a larger centrepiece candle, signifying their two lives coming together as one. It can also be used to signal the blending of two families, or even two cultures.


Las Arras or the Coins, is a Spanish tradition and is used to personalise a religious or non-religious wedding ceremony. There are 13 coins, 1 for each month and an extra one as a reminder to show generosity to others. Traditionally these coins show religious scenes and are handed down through the generations. However, there is nothing to stop you getting some new coins from the bank and using those.

Historically, a silver or gold piece was snapped into two halves. One half was given each to the bride and groom as a statement that they would marry, that the groom would provide for his family, his wife accepting the coins is agreeing to look after the family finances. Today the ceremony wording is often re-worded into the contemporary setting around the lives of the couple.


This is the perfect way to include all your guests in your wedding ceremony, particularly for more intimate ceremonies. Here, they hold your rings in their hands and channel their love or say a little blessing over them. They then hand them on to the next person. Always have someone take charge of the rings, that way you always know where they are!

So, what is a Celebrant and what can they do for you?

Your Celebrant will listen and learn your story, they will write your story in the way you want it spoken, whether it´s to be romantic, spiritual, funny or a little bit of everything, they will write it just as you want it, incorporating your beliefs.

They will work with your wedding planner to ensure they know how the ceremony will run and where everyone will be at what time. They will be your guide and support on the day, so you never need to worry about not knowing what to do. They will be by your side telling you where to stand, what to say, and what to do next.

They offer you a unique chance to tell your story your way, to celebrate your important moment in the way that is right for you.

Wendy Sherwood is an Independent Celebrant living in Malaga Province on the Costa Del Sol. She is trained by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and works in Spain and the UK.

Wendy loves to celebrate life’s most important moments, she does this by composing, writing and delivering beautifully romantic wedding ceremonies. Wendy will work with you as she writes your wedding ritual and ceremony which will be an expression of your personalities. She will join you at the beautiful venue of your choice and orchestrate your wedding ceremony, helping you to celebrate your love in a most memorable way.

Contact Wendy here:

Tel: 0034 711 004 185

0044 (0)7951 510717

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