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Weddings are very personal, unique and there is no wedding that fits all. While the latest wedding trends change, so do tastes and what couples wish to spend their money on when it comes to their big wedding day. We have seen some wedding trends over the season in 2019 but let’s, take a look at the latest trends set for 2020 and what popular styles will be coming into fashion this year.


In these eco-conscious times we live in, couples are looking at ways to host responsibly. This means cutting back on unnecessary waste and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Wedding venues in Spain are being greener and becoming more sustainable, many venues that provide in-house catering will use locally sourced produce to help reduce transport pollution.

One of the new wedding trends is for couples to upcycle. This can be from offering wedding flowers away to good causes, sharing wedding day flowers and décor with other couples using the venue, favours will include edible options or encourage gifting plants.

Brides can even do their bit by sourcing responsibly made wedding gowns, or even choosing vintage fashion.

Other ways that couples can achieve this wedding trend is to swap plastic straws for paper ones. These will include recyclable materials being used for stationery and confetti.


Over the last few years we experienced a significant reduction of the amount of guest as couples prefer a more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. This means couples can spend their budget more lavishly on a smaller group. Also, since there is bigger budget per head, they lend themselves perfectly to bespoke weddings rather than wedding packages with limited options.

Some of the Spanish wedding trends can range from exclusive local wine and cava tasting to personalised favours as part of the big day celebrations. Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest.

One of the big wedding trends of the season are ‘micro weddings’ these occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of around 40 people or fewer. They can be formal or informal, and can keep with tradition, or take a more modern twist. However, they tend to be a fusion of both.


It’s predicted that more couples will choose to go all out for one memorable day, willing to spend big on a venue specifically because it provides an Instagram worthy backdrop.

Destination weddings are a number one option for millennials willing to make their wedding an Instagram impact for their followers. Spain has impressive haciendas, stunning locations or private villas to create a memorable wedding day

New wedding reception trends include cutting back on guests doesn’t mean you have to cut back on extravagance, if anything, it’s quite the opposite.

So, it’s no surprise that one of the latest wedding trends right now is for oversize decor and giant statements. Think huge balloons, oversize centrepiece, big tables and outside gardens perfect for your Instagram stories .


A big Spanish wedding trend is lighting the majority of our weddings are outside so great lighting will create an unforgettable wedding memory for you and your guests. Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the top wedding trends of the year is for mood lighting. When the sun sets, the lights come on, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, lights can set the tone and mood for your evening.

Think outside of the ‘lightbox’ and look at different ways to integrate lighting in a unique way. From exposed bulbs to mini lampshades and vintage chandeliers to candles on a beach. Fairy lights on tress, torches in gardens and candles in tables there’s lots of different ways that you can bring a touch of sparkle to your wedding day

Neon signs continue to be popular and can be customised to suit and makes a great keep sake memory from your big day.


Full vegetarian and vegan menus will become more common due to environmental reasons, because the choice of delicious dishes is now more creative.

Another big Spanish wedding trend is food and drink. Weddings are becoming more unique and personal from custom signature cocktails created by the bride and groom to local specialities and desserts that reflect the couple.

Interactive feasting will continue to be a big trend in 2020.Sushi bars, live ham cutting from sharing-inspired mains to deluxe desserts designed to be portioned at the table, the atmosphere will be relaxed and casual.

With the change in dining and drinking trends we expect to see this reflected too, less wine and champagne, and more gin bars and cocktails and organic drinks.


Wedding planning used to be a bride full job and quite often the groom had a little to say. Nowadays every stage of the wedding planning journey is now a joint decision between the couple, with men taking the lead in their outfit and grooming choices.

The last few years we’ve witnessed men taking a lot more time and care on themselves, wanting the same attention and treatment as the brides.

As a wedding trend in 2020 we will see more grooms and ushers making a day out of their suit buying or choosing a tailor made that offers the kind of treatment as a bridal boutique. Many Spanish wedding venues are offering a dedicated space to get ready with their best man and ushers.

They’ll invest on skincare products and facials, hire a personal trainer, and get the lads together for a traditional barber shop wet shave and haircut just before the wedding. 2020 is all about grooms treating themselves.

Remember whatever the trends are in 2020 this is your day, so make it your own and make it how you want it, don’t worry about what’s popular and what others are doing. It is great for ideas and inspiration, but make sure you do it your way.

Lali Prada

Wedding Planner

Ocean Weddings Spain

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