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2020 year has been an unexpected year so far in many ways. We enter in a new decade, a Olympic year and the year that many couples decided to get married or planning a wedding in Spain. We started the year with the worrying news of a new virus called Covid-19 similar to a flu causing significant deaths in China, but for many of us including myself I thought that it would not arrive to my country Spain!

Only in a few months the whole world has changed and all of the sudden we are in a new stage in our lives called self-isolation or lockdown. This is something unexpected, shocking and a worrying time for all. I have noticed that the world we live in is changing and we have to help each other. We all have the same problems, the worries and fears. We must be together positive, remember it’s a temporary situation, hopefully very soon we all be going back to our lives and start planning new future projects.

The current situation in Spain, is we are officially on lockdown until 11th of April, so clients whose weddings are in April and May are postponing to a new date. This would be later in the year or next year 2021, this mainly due to the travel restrictions between countries around the world.

If you have organized or planning a wedding in Spain yourself, deposits paid to suppliers are being carried over to the new date, so take you time and check the contracts you have signed. Regarding the cancellation of change of circumstances clauses. Ocean weddings Spain as a wedding planner will do their best to negotiate new dates, suppliers, coordination and payments.

Weddings in June or July, I do advice couples to check with your airlines for any updates related to flights to Spain, every country is at a different level with Covid -19.

Those of you with a wedding insurance or planning a wedding in Spain, please be aware of what is covered. If you decide to cancel or postpone your wedding date please ask your wedding planer for the best options. Deposits are non-refundable but venues and suppliers are offering a new date within a year of your original date.

Weddings later on in the summer are looking to go ahead as many organizations are predicting that the situation will be controlled and safe by this period.

For those of you that are thinking on planning a wedding in Spain my advice is to start now! Many weddings are moving to the next year 2021 and venues and suppliers are getting booked fast, 2021 we will be dealing with an overflow of couples wishing to marry.

I feel from keeping a close eye on what is happening around the world news, Spain should be back to normality by June 2020. The weddings from this month onwards would still take place. So, we hope this pandemic dies down and start to enjoy the rest of 2020. Please take seriously what is happening around us and be safe. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions, want to plan a wedding in Spain, especially since we all have plenty of time on our hands during the lockdowns.

Lali Prada Lopez

Wedding Planer

Ocean Weddings Spain

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