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Did you get engaged over Christmas and do not know how to start planning your wedding journey?

Choosing your wedding venue in Spain will be one of the first wedding planning tasks.

Spain offers a wide range of wedding venue options Hotels, Castles, Historical Buildings, Cortijos, Private Villas and Beach Clubs.

My advice is to start venue searching around 18 months before your wedding date.

This would ensure you will be able to book your dream venue. Spain is an extremely popular wedding destination. The earlier you have the venue, would give you the opportunity to the best suppliers. If left at a later date, there would be no guarantee of having the supplies you wish for due to the demand.


When you start your wedding venue searching in Spain choose a couple of dates. This will provide you with a bit more flexibility in case your dream date is already booked. Spanish couples typically choose the weekend to get married so if you are flexible consider week dates.

If you already have a dream date contact your wedding venue in Spain well in advance to secure your date.

For those of you getting married in a church, check which dates are available first. Then choose a few, so you can start your venue hunting.

Do also consider the travel time between each location if you are booking a ceremony location and a reception location.


When planning your wedding destination in Spain make sure to take in consideration a few things before you booked your dream wedding venue.

1-Is it easily accessible?

2- Are you going to provide transport for your guests or expecting them to make their own way there.

3- Does the venue have adequate parking?

Do bear in mind it is not just parking for the guests but also for all the suppliers that you are hiring in for your wedding day. If you are planning onsite catering all the waiters, waitresses, chefs, and other suppliers will be arriving by cars.

4- Accommodation nearby for your guests. I strongly recommend a visit on site to take in consideration all the above before making any decisions.


The size and capacity of your venue matters, you do not want to be squashing lots of guests into a tiny space or even worse trying to fill a vast space with fewer guests. Check with the venue the total capacity of the spaces that they offer. Also, if there is a plan B just in case it starts raining or any other weather conditions.

If you are choosing a Hotel or Private villa contact them regarding the types of rooms, bookings and if they offer packages for weddings.


Most wedding venues in Spain provide a package which will include a variety of things from set menus to choose, an open bar, DJ and some basic decor like centre pieces or a seating plan. If it is a hotel or private Villa you may also have accommodation included such as a bridal suite or discount for your guests.

I recommend setting a wedding budget when planning your destination wedding in Spain which would work as follows 50% of your wedding budget for venue, food and drink.

When booking your wedding venue in Spain check out the minimum spend for example weekends 24,000€ but in the weekdays a minimum spend will be around 12,000€.


Remember that you are planning your big day. So please do not get stressed and if you feel that needed help or its too much. Contact a professional like a wedding planner, specially if you are planning a destination wedding.

Lali Prada Lopez

Wedding Planner

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