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On your wedding day you are the stars of the show but you don't want

hundreds of images just of you two. You have your wedding buddies and there

is nothing nicer than looking back at the fabulous day you spent with your

closest, dearest friends and relatives.

We have come up with some fun ideas to make sure your bridal party is

captured in action cheering you on through your day.

Think of your wedding like a stage play and these are your supporting roles, let's

get them authentically captured by your side.

When planning your wedding party photo ideas , do speak with your photographer, they will advise

you how they shoot their weddings. When it is the best time to arrange family

line ups, group shots, first look, if you are having one, and then the rest of the

day trust them.

Usually group shots are taken around the ceremony time,

before for the bridal and groom party shots and after for family line ups.

Photographers know every wedding will have a first dance, a cake cutting,

speeches, they have often photographed hundreds of weddings but if there are

particular shots you love then do communicate this before your wedding.


These are called the formal photos of the family line ups, most photographers

like to get this done quickly so do make sure you have everyone ready. Assign

one of your awesome team who knows everyone to round your family up.

Make a checklist beforehand to ensure you don't miss anyone out.


Your photographer is all about capturing your special day and the getting ready

shots with your friends and siblings are the perfect way to share the excitement

building before the ceremony. You can have a lot of fun creating ideas for your wedding party photo ideas like

getting ready bridal party photographs, gift everyone a kimono with their roles

printed onto the back, get your bridal party some gorgeous getting ready

slippers and do make sure you capture you all raising a glass of something fizzy.


All dressed and looking gorgeous, plan a few lines up to capture those images

you will love to look back at.

All your besties in their beautiful dresses clutching their gorgeous bouquets.

A symmetrical line up is a great idea with you in the middle.

Try another shot with your bridesmaids backs to the camera and you turning

around. Get creative with ideas for your besties line ups and think about the

lines ups, short to tall for example, showing off the shoes, and some fun poses.

The most important thing now is to relax and enjoy this time with your besties

making sure your photographer captures you all having fun.


Wedding photographers love capturing emotions and often the grooms party is

super charged and having a lot of banter and fun.

If the boys are getting ready in a different location plan a bit of time to capture

them walking into the ceremony area together, this will only need about 10 to

15 minutes

Think about the details for your wedding party photo ideas, if they are all wearing matching socks grab a shot of

them pulling up their trousers and showing off their carefully thought out attire,

capture them with their sunnies on, get a few images of the boys lined up

before the bride enters.


Once the family formal photographs are done, take time to create some

awesome wedding party shots. You in the middle with your groomsmen one

side and your girl gang the other side.

Mix it up, girl boy alternating either side of you. Have some formal shots but

also add in some fun ones, legs up or jumping for joy, high fives, create

celebratory photos you will love to look back on.

Always remember you want your wedding images to be authentic to you, don't

do stilted just be natural and have fun, do what comes naturally but spending a

bit of time just pre thinking these out will make such a difference to what is

captured on your wedding day!

Lali Prada

Wedding Planner

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