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Welcome to Ocean Weddings Spain run by Lali Prada Lopez.


We make your dream of getting married in Spain a reality.


I believe each wedding must be unique and personal. No two love stories are the same or two weddings alike.


Ocean Weddings Spain offer weddings that are designed with their own original style reflecting our couples taste and the experiences they wish to create for their guests.


Ocean Weddings Spain specialise in elegant, classical weddings, clients who require bespoke design and styling and wish to enjoy a personalized wedding in Spain planning experience.


I will go that one step further to help you create your perfect wedding in Spain and create unforgettable memories in beautiful locations here in Andalucia.


You can read more about Ocean Weddings Spain  and my love for Andalucia here.



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Full Wedding Planning Service 

The Full Wedding Planning service is for couples who feel they need the full support and experience of a wedding planner.


If you are looking for a professional wedding planner I would 100% recommended Lali at ocean weddings.
Nothing is too much trouble and Lali always goes the extra mile to ensure you have the perfect wedding day.
Lali will always respond to questions within the hour any time of the day.Put your special day in the hands of Lali and your wedding day will be magical.
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