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Over the years weddings themes and trends have changed affecting how couples present their wedding. A long time ago a more traditional theme, was really your only choice but with new trends, social media and different sex marriage we now experience a whole new way of wedding themes, with some new ones to come after Covid 19 that will change the way we get married and present our wedding.

Choosing a wedding theme for your wedding day is not only a colour palette it is also how you want your guest to feel on that day. The look and feel for your wedding are more than a colour scheme. Themes are becoming more popular as couples choose to balance their aesthetic across more elements of their wedding. We have noticed couples aren’t simply sticking to one singular theme, rather, they’re combining multiple together to create their own something special.

I have notice here in Spain that couples are not sticking to one singular theme, rather, they mix different ones to create their own special one.

Romantic and Rustic weddings remain the most popular wedding themes here in Spain. However, as mentioned above, couples are taking it to the next level by mixing and matching themes to suit their choices. This gives us themes such as rustic-luxe, romantic chic, and rustic boho weddings come into play.Take a look at what themes you can expect over the next 12 months.


Spain has beautiful farmhouses inland that overlooking the Sea called Cortijos or Haciendas perfect scenarios for a Rustic theme wedding. The rustic theme gives off a more relaxed vibe, quite often the venues can be rented for a couple of days so families can enjoy some time together before the big day.

Traditional Cortijos and Haciendas include elements such as native greenery and natural wood. The rustic theme gives off a more relaxed vibe, also the possibility of transform any area into a new ceremony / reception area adding new deco elements of your choice give the new theme you desire Rustic chic or maybe Rustic romantic


The focus of this theme is the love of the couple itself. Things that contribute to this theme are an emphasis on the first dance, cutting the cake together and natural golden lighting. Popular choices are candles, festoon or fairy lights to give it that dreamy magical touch. A pastel colour scheme with a delicate dusty pink and white flowers will enhance a romantic touch. Some venue choices for a romantic wedding are Manor houses and Boutique hotels.


Nothing will ever compare to a traditional white wedding. Church or chapel are the perfect example for these weddings, but classic outdoor ceremonies are getting very popular with couples.

These weddings are heavily set in tradition, something borrowed, something old, something new, and something blue are part of classical weddings. Nowadays, brides and grooms serve all kinds of desserts at their weddings , but there's nothing more classic than a good old fashioned cake traditionally couples used to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake to break out and eat together on your first anniversary.


Couples who want to wow their guests and give them something to remember will go for a contemporary and glamorous theme for their wedding. Also known as luxe weddings, this theme focuses on glam elements and aesthetics. Think large floral arrangements, long tables with gold candelabra or elegant pieces of glassware.

Introducing food stations like sushi or oysters over a traditional sit-down reception or including pyrotechnics on the dancefloor.

Couples that are really wanting that contemporary feel chose for cityscape locations or exclusive Palaces or Castles.


Spain is surrounded by gorgeous coastline, how can you not consider a beach themed wedding? Andalucia boast of beautiful locations for the perfect beach backdrop. Hotels, Restaurants and Beach Clubs are the most popular choices. As long as you take the time of year and seasons into consideration so try to avoid busy summer months with more holidaymakers and overcrowded beaches and resorts.

White theme colour code clothes or Greek style blue and white deco are great ideas for your wedding theme. A Boho beach wedding with greenery and bare feet are becoming extremely popular.

Regardless of the weather, beach weddings are still a popular choice amongst couples, more so than anywhere else in the world. Add some boho florals to give your wedding that WOW factor.

As a destination Wedding planner, the feeling within the industry is that after Covid 19 has finally settled down later this year. 2021 and 2022 there will be a great demand for couples to marry abroad. This will be the years to celebrate love.

Lali Prada

Wedding Planner

Ocean Wedding Spain

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